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About Jason


Career: Professional Triathlete

Hobbies:Eat, investing, read, travel

Height: 6'1"

Coach: Ryan Bolton



Weight: 162lbs

Place of Residence: Calgary, AB, Canada


Jason Pohl is a professional long distance triathlete.  He resides in Calgary, AB, Canada. Jason grew up playing elite hockey for 16 years as a goaltender and then made the transition into triathlon at the age of 23 years old. Jason started the sport of triathlon late, but work hard in learning the sport and growing through the ranks. Jason is young in his professional athletic career and is on pursuit to become one of the worlds best. 

With extensive experience in athletic nutrition, Jason has worked with renowned nutritional scientists and experts in North America through his elite hockey career and professional triathlon career. He passes along his experience and passion for nutrition to work with individuals to achieve their highest health goals. 

Jason's mission is to continue to find and pass new limits as an athlete and human being; to become an Ironman Champion and race at the Ironman World Championships as a professional. 


I believe energy is the source of confidence; the better you feel, the more confidence you have to produce amazing results in your life. 

My Approach
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